Type IV Collagen Auto-Antigen Targets / Single Project

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Published on: 2013-09-18
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Keywords: collagen, goodpasture, antigen, auto-antigen, autoantigen, alpha, a3, a4, a5, NC1, domain

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  • Type IV Collagen Auto-Antigen Targets


Tissue injury in Goodpasture (GP) syndrome (rapidly progressive glomerular nephritis and pulmonary hemorrhage) is mediated by antibasement membrane antibodies that are targeted to the alpha3(IV) chain of type IV collagen, one of five alpha(IV) chains that occur in the glomerular basement membrane. GP antibodies are known to bind epitopes within the carboxyl terminal noncollagenous domain (NC1) of the alpha3(IV) chain, termed the GP autoantigen. Whether epitopes also exist in the 1400-residue collagenous domain is unknown because studies to date have focused solely on the NC1 domain (src).


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