Adenovirus / Single Project

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Media ID: SYM0002
Client: Scientific
Created on: 2010-11-24
Published on: 2010-11-24
Dimensions: 1200 x 1200 pixels

Type: Illustration

Audiences: Scientific, Medical

Keywords: adenovirus, virus, infection, respiratory, icosahedral, nucleocapsid, double-stranded linear DNA genome

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  • Adenovirus


Adenoviruses are medium-sized (90–100 nm), non-enveloped (naked) icosahedral viruses composed of a nucleocapsid and a double-stranded linear DNA genome. The more than 50 serotypes that affect humans are responsible for 5–10% of upper respiratory infections in children, and many infections in adults as well.

Shown is an idealized version of an adenovirus, with the recognizable icosahedral nucleocapsid and the genome within it.


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