The Cubic Lipid Phase and Bacteriorhodopsin / Single Project

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Media ID: SYM0033
Client: Technical
Created on: 2004-02-22
Published on: 2004-03-11
Dimensions: 1500 x 1500 pixels

Type: Illustration

Audiences: Technical, Scientific

Keywords: bacteriorhodopsin, br, clp, lcp, cubic, lipid, phase, crystallization, transmembrane, protein, ion, pump, bicontinuous, water, lateral diffusion

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  • The Cubic Lipid Phase and Bacteriorhodopsin


The cubic lipid phase (CLP, aka LCP) is a novel type of membrane protein crystallization. It is composed of a bicontinuous surface (bilayer lipids, typically monoolein), of an average surface curvature of zero (minimal surface), that creates two mutually exclusive solvent compartments. A detergent-solubilized protein such as bacteriorhodopsin (BR, shown in magenta surrounding by 'green' detergent) is exposed to the CLP environment and integrates itself into the bilayer, most likely due to an energetic gain between membrane protein and lipid, versus membrane protein and detergent. The CLP-incorporated protein is believed to act as a reservoir for growing crystals.


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