Medical Animation - What does medical animation provide that other media do not?

Whereas written language is a relatively new concept in Human history, the ability to recognize graphical and spatial data is something that is embedded in people's cerebral functions.

Hence, animations (or movies) provide a natural way of representing ideas, concepts, data and many forms of information that may otherwise be difficult to fully, or correctly, absorb.

How do we animate medical concepts and applications?

The first step in animating is to create a storyboard. A storyboard is a series of drawings that illustrates the main concepts to be represented in the animation. The main concepts are obtained by communication between client and Symmation.

Once the storyboard is created, we then start modeling the scene objects that comprise the elements for the animation, such as anatomical objects. We then create the rough animation (animated objects, animated camera) and present that to the client for feedback. With modifications of the rough animation, we refine the animation and start creating the colors and textures to be used on the objects and within the scene. This is also approved by the client in key still shots from the animation. The animation is then rendered at low resolution and offered for feedback to the client. With final changes, we then render the final animation and deliver the product in the preferred client format(s).

What styles are available?

Styles represent the look of the animation. From 2D cartoon-style to photorealistic 3D style, Symmation can provide your preferred style.

How are medicine and entertainment integrated?

Medicine and entertainment are not commonly used together. However, we strive to reach a well-balanced hydrid animation that is medically / scientifically accurate and at the same time entertaining to the viewer. "Traditional" animations produced by medical or science professionals can be rough, choppy, confusing, or simply not professional-looking. This is due to a lack of training and/or knowledge in the arts and skills of animation. Symmation staff is trained in the sciences and animation/graphics. We merge your ideas and concepts with our proven technology and artistry to provide a mixture of medicine and entertainment. Convey your medical concepts in an entertaining way and you are sure to grab your audience's attention.

What animation services does Symmation offer?

We are pioneers in a new age of animation. Symmation has trained expertise in the area of structural biology - we understand molecules and structure. We are also experienced in clinical medicine, drug development, and bioinformatics. We understand most fields of science and medicine. We have the ability to quickly absorb your ideas and convert these accurately into animations. We talk to you on a medical / scientific level. We can make your ideas and concepts come to life, helping you convey your important ideas to your audience.

Our animations speak for themselves. Our clients come back to us over and over again. They receive accolades for their presentations and publications that include Symmation illustration and animation media.